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Happy Tree Friends Human!Cuddles by KokuraiOtaku96 Happy Tree Friends Human!Cuddles :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 0 0 Chara by KokuraiOtaku96 Chara :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 1 0 Chris and Ichimachuu by KokuraiOtaku96 Chris and Ichimachuu :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 7 6 Osomatsu-san by KokuraiOtaku96 Osomatsu-san :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 1 0 Dipper and Undyne  by KokuraiOtaku96 Dipper and Undyne :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 0 0 Eyeless Jack (Black and White) by KokuraiOtaku96 Eyeless Jack (Black and White) :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 7 2 Eyeless Jack by KokuraiOtaku96 Eyeless Jack :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 5 4 Asriel  by KokuraiOtaku96 Asriel :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 0 0 Lapis Lazuli Chibi  by KokuraiOtaku96 Lapis Lazuli Chibi :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 2 0 Blanche x Spark (PokeGo) by KokuraiOtaku96 Blanche x Spark (PokeGo) :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 6 2 Kokurai OC Card by KokuraiOtaku96 Kokurai OC Card :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 2 0 Death by Disappointment (BRtale) by KokuraiOtaku96 Death by Disappointment (BRtale) :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 2 0 Siinamota First Death Anniversary   by KokuraiOtaku96 Siinamota First Death Anniversary :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 4 11 Necromancer!Sans (Sorcerytale) by KokuraiOtaku96 Necromancer!Sans (Sorcerytale) :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 6 4 Harley Quinn Chibi ! by KokuraiOtaku96 Harley Quinn Chibi ! :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 1 0 Kagamine Len  by KokuraiOtaku96 Kagamine Len :iconkokuraiotaku96:KokuraiOtaku96 1 0


Jefferson's New Groove by naomi-makes-art73 Jefferson's New Groove :iconnaomi-makes-art73:naomi-makes-art73 409 21 KnT - 147 by Z-T00N KnT - 147 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 6,280 0 KnT - 146 by Z-T00N KnT - 146 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 5,710 0 Super Darna by Artgerm Super Darna :iconartgerm:Artgerm 4,922 190 Mizumono by NikeMV Mizumono :iconnikemv:NikeMV 82 11 Friendship is Magic by Ryoko-demon Friendship is Magic :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 1,379 68 Wonderland by yuumei Wonderland :iconyuumei:yuumei 10,133 212 Relax by sakimichan Relax :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,687 373
Nagisa x Reader - every single time
We began to hold hands a few months into the year. A little thing to do as friends while we walked to class. "We have something to talk about." Then, he asked me, "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"
I was ecstatic. Shocked. Nervous. We were both bisexual back then. He was my first boyfriend. I said, "Yes."
We entered the building from the campus. Butterflies flew around in my stomach all day.
"Am I really your girlfriend?"
We stopped halfway through the hallway. His class was at one end, mine on the other. He latched onto my wrist and pulled me toward the wall. A kiss on the cheek. That's all it was... Every single time.
* * * * *
A week passed. We decided to skip the class we had together. We sat under the bleachers, hidden, the whole time. We held hands for an entire hour. He stroked his thumb on the top of my hand. He picked it up and kissed it.
I reminded myself to embrace the moment.
"I love you." He would tell me.
"I love you too." I used to answer. Every single time
* * *
:iconpumpkin-milk:pumpkin-milk 28 29
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Happy Tree Friends Human!Cuddles
Ye. This is the only progress i've made through my 2 years of being a part of this community. How glorious (Seriously miss my friends here, though).

I'm now a student on Traditional Arts making or something, and i can say that i'm not doing very well. Oh well :P
Chris and Ichimachuu
Cuz y not?

Isn't it kinda cute and fitting to think about Ichimatsu and Chris somehow interacting because they both like cats? :D

Chris, the one on the right, is a character from Kids n' Teenagers or 3 Simple Doods owned by the amazing :iconz-t00n: Z-T00N (did I tag it right?)

Seriously that person makes awesome comics and other stuff
You have got to check her out :D

Omg I really feel embarrassed for thinking that there actually was a movie of 3SD and not even being smart enough to find out if it was a hoax or just fan-made

I'm so so sorry z-toon
Errrmmm just a quick sketch I made to clear my mind from different stuff
"I thought one episode wouldn't hurt.."

Yep, it's been over a month now.
It's true, i am officially oso san trash.
And i can't get out of this hell
I don't wanna.
Dipper and Undyne
Aaaaand another gift for another of my bestfriends, yup.
I was left alone in a house with strangers by my family because of religion starting when I was in grade 1, and was forced to be responsible because I was always the one being depended on since I only go to school and have nothing else to do. I did the dishes, cleaned the house, did everything you would imagine what a housewife would do.. and now that I lived with my family, I was trying to feel what it felt like to have substitute parents take care of you, since it's been a long time since I did (I didn't live with my real parents anymore). I tried my best to be optimistic, to be happy with my family, but no. I didn't. They didn't. At an early age, I've known what it felt like to be depressed. Expectations, like high grades, an honor, being a future architect and the like. Taking care of your grandma while taking care of school, of personal problems, all in one time. I had to, unless I somehow wanted to live in the dumps or go back to my mother. I tried to give them hints about my depression, but it didn't work. It wouldn't, right from the start. They were Catholics. They didn't believe in those mental illnesses. They told me to brush it off, scolded me about my emo attitude, about my spending much time in the bathroom, about my always wearing long sleeves instead of blouses because it was hot. They told me I was overreacting, that it would tone down if I just left it be. It just got worse. As I am typing this, I am crying. I didn't do anything to deserve this, I thought. I wasnt a bad girl, I was an innocent one. The only time I started these.. worldly things were when I had lost hope. When I thought that other people from other countries understood me. I was right. I wasnt alone. But still, I'm still depressed. But believe me when i say that my internet friends have wiped my tears more than my family or relatives. I love them more. They're what I would really call my family. So, thank you, for being there. Our locations may be distant, but our hearts beat as one. We have the same goals: to try and save lives, by relating to them. Thank you, internet friends, or rather, my "true family"
I know, the drawing is quite ironic :P
embedded_item1469629387656 by KokuraiOtaku96


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Aira Melrone B. Pispis
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mentally ill :P



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